Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finally a family filled weekend!

Sorry for such a lag in between posts, but Dave has had my computer occupied for the last 3 nights for work! How rude :) 
Anyways, this past weekend we actually got to spend some quality family time together. On Friday night, we went to David's co-workers house for dinner and got to meet his family as well as Dr. Lincoln and his family. There were 5 little ones running around so of course Delainey loved it. Everyone was really nice so that's a good thing to get along with Dave's work people! 

Saturday, we woke up and I was in the mood for Cracker Barrel, so we took Delainey for her first experience there. I forgot how much food they give you! After breakfast, we headed to the movies to see Frozen. Delainey's 1st movie in a theater! She did great! She had her awesome booster seat and her bag of  popcorn and was in heaven. She started to get a little antsy about an hour into the movie, which ended up being ok because Dave got called into surgery and we had to leave anyways. I give her another 2-3 months and she will be able to do a full movie. Frozen was so cute and I can't wait till it comes out to see how it ended! 

Very interested in her movie! 
Then Saturday night we went to Jessica & Gregg's for dinner. They invited over all the bridesmaids as sort of a thanks for everything dinner. The food was DELISH! Gregg used to be a chef and he did not disappoint. 

Sunday, we went to church and relaxed and then David's sister came in town for the night before heading to Key West for the week. That pretty much sums up our weekend! 
 I also got to go to Erica's 4D ultrasound on Sunday and see baby Weston! He is so cute and will be here before we know it! Only 8 weeks to go!
Speaking of babies…Where is Georgia!?!? Hoping she makes her debut this weekend! :)

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