Tuesday, April 23, 2013

50 Weeks

Delainey is quite the busy body these days. We had a great day today playing at the park with Audrey & Braelyn and then going to the pool with Alicia & Collins. She is starting to like the water a little more at the pool. It is just so darn cold that she doesn't really want to go too far in, but we are working on it. Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo with our mom to mom group. Still eating everything under the sun and running around the house. Her favorite thing to do is be outside. I will open the door for 2 seconds to throw the trash out and she will run towards the door. Today I went through her closet and packed up the clothes that no longer fit her. Boy did we put up a lot! Guess it's time for a shopping trip!! 

On another note, Delainey got her first birthday present from Aunt Kelli & Uncle Jeff! It is her picnic table! It seats 8 kids and folds up nicely to store! We are so excited!! Thanks guys!! 

Hopefully, I will be back with another post before this weekend begins which is going to be a crazy busy one!   11 days till the big party! Ahhh so much to do! 

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