Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lovely Beach Stroll

Last night was our girl's supper club. Krista hosted it at her house and the theme was tailgate food. Krista made two chilis: a traditional red chili and then a white bean turkey chili. The white one was delicious! Here is a link for the recipe if anyone is interested!

On my way home last night, Dave called to let me know that the poor Queenie threw up in her crib. She didn't have a fever, but I had her sleep with us just to make sure she was ok. Today she seemed fine, so who knows what caused her to vomit. :( Anyways this afternoon we headed out to the beach to visit Aunt Emily. She hasn't seen D in almost a month so we decided to visit. We walked around the Atlantic Beach shops and then took a stroll along the beach; it was a lovely day. Here are some pics of Delainey and her Aunt Emmy.

I saw this picture on instagram yesterday and thought it was fantastic! Thought I'd leave you with this thought...

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