Tuesday, January 29, 2013

38 Weeks & Weekend Recap

Delainey hit 38 weeks and with it came 2 more new teeth! Luckily this time, I didn't even know they were coming until they cut through the skin. They are on the top of both sides of her front teeth. D has had a runny nose and has been drooling a good bit from them, but I will take those symptoms any day over the fussiness and pain. Anyways, Dada is the word of the week! She is saying it nonstop and Dave loves every minute of it!

This weekend we had couples supper club on Friday night. Carlton & Ashley hosted and we had a lovely steak dinner and ended the night playing catchphrase and card games. Ashley gave us the cutest present ever, but I am not going to share what it is, because I am stealing the idea and giving it to other people!

On Saturday, Grammy, Delainey & I headed down to Orlando to do some shopping and hang out while Dad was at a work conference. We got some really cute dresses, shoes, & sunglasses for Delainey. On Sunday we headed over to Juno Beach for my great Aunt's 90th birthday party. It was a nice little reunion of all of my cousins on my Dad's side. During the day, we had some free time so we headed down to the beach to let Delainey play in the sand. The water was absolutely gorgeous! It was a long day in the car, but I am glad we got to go to see everyone.
Her face after eating her first shell :) 

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