Monday, January 14, 2013

36 Weeks

Last week Delainey hit 36 weeks. I think my previous assumption that she was getting another tooth was wrong. I'm pretty sure it was just a growth spurt because she is back to her wonderful self with no new teeth.  Last week we got back into the swing of things. Delainey definitely missed Dean and had such a fun time playing with him. They are so cute chasing each other around now that he can walk and she can crawl after him. Other than that not too much new with Baby D!
Baby D disappeared from the living room. This is how I found her. She just wanted to help Mommy with the laundry! :)
I was especially excited to watch the new Bachelor last Monday. I loved Sean and I think he picked a few decent girls so it should be a good season. It was for sure better than the National Championship game...boring!
Last Thursday, we celebrated Pops' graduation from Grad school at our weekly Mexican night. We did a little crafting and Delainey made pops a homemade card with her hand prints it was cute.

Then Friday night, we went to Storytime at the local library. Delainey loved it! She was so enthralled with the librarian reading and singing songs. It was such a beautiful day, that afternoon we decided to lay out in the yard and play while Dave washed the cars.
We did some dumpster diving and got this sweet new kitchen! Well not really it was just in the trash pile at the neighbor's house, but what a great find! It is good as new!!
Delainey passed out from such a fun day in the sun!
Later that night Erica, Jessica, Krista, & Kelli all came over to do round 1 of wedding planning for Jessica's upcoming big day. We got some things accomplished, but it's over a year away so we have plenty of time!

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