Tuesday, January 8, 2013

35 Weeks

As much as I love the holidays, I also love a routine and a schedule to follow. We are back in full swing with the normal activities. I started watching Dean again, started up tutoring, we went to my gym today, and Mom to Mom starts again tomorrow. I have really missed my Wednesday mom to mom meetings! They just put things into perspective and make you realize what is really important in life.

Delainey hit 35 weeks last Thursday. I reported most of her achievements/stats in her 8 month update, but I do think she is getting another tooth. She has started to grind her teeth, get a little fussy in the evenings, and not sleep very well. I haven't seen a tooth coming through though. If it is not a tooth, who knows what's going on with her!

I've been a bad mom the past 2 nights and let her sleep with us from 6 am on. She wakes up and stands in her crib and is WIDE awake. She refuses to go back to bed unless she is cuddling with me so I have caved the past 2 nights and let her snuggle. Hopefully, I'm not throwing her sleeping off to bad, but it won't be long before she is too big to be in our bed.

Here are some pics of her at 35 weeks.

 I went to Buy Buy Baby to buy some anti-tip furniture straps for her bookshelves. They aren't very sturdy and I am sure she will soon be pulling it on herself soon so we are going to try to prevent that. I have the house pretty much babyproofed: plugs in outlets, latches on cabinets with chemicals or medicine, gate on stairs, and a lock on the fireplace doors. Other than that I am going to try to teach her what she can and can't touch.

In other news, I have been scouring the web this week looking for inspiration for Delainey's 1st birthday party! I know it's early, but Kelli says to do a little each month and it won't seem so bad so that's my goal. I have also been looking for venues for Jessica's wedding. The girls are coming over Friday to do some wedding planning. I can't wait! Have a great rest of the week!

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