Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap - Part 1

A lot has been going on since my last post on the 14th so I will recap the past 2 weeks over the next few posts. On the 15th, we went to Dean's first birthday party and Delainey was the Belle of the party. She was the only girl with several little boys so everyone loved her. Here is her outfit she wore to the party:
 Loved this tutu for Church:
 A few more Christmas outfits worn during the week:
Then we spent the beginning of that next week tutoring, doing last minute shopping, & getting ready for the Christmas break. On Wednesday the 19th, Kelli & Jeff came over and we made (or attempted to make) gingerbread houses for the first time ever. It was lots of fun, but we are not very talented in that department.

Then on Thursday, Tony & Brandi came into town so we had lunch at the French Pantry and did some last minute preparations for our Christmas party.

Thursday night was the monthly girls' supper club at Jen's house and she picked a Hannukah theme. I was alittle sceptical of some of the dishes (like kugel), but they were all delicious. We did our exchange of Panties & Booze like we do every year and then hit the town for the night. It was fun to go out with the girls, but I am definitely not as young as I once was. That Friday morning at 6:30 am was a little rough for me. :) So that is a very brief recap of some of the festivities...I will be back with pictures from the Christmas party and Christmas night with Tony & Brandi.

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