Thursday, December 27, 2012

33 Weeks

Last Thursday was a sad sad day for me! My beloved homemade blocks that I use every week to take pics of Delainey have failed me. I thought through all the possible dates when make them and thought I covered all my bases with only 2 dice. We apparently I was wrong! I do not have an extra 3, 4, or 5 for the weeks. I guess I didn't think about the weeks when making them. So from this point on majority of the numbers will have to be photoshopped unless I get crafty and make a third block in the near future. Anyways...

Baby D is growing up to fast. I swear something new happens every week and I can't keep up with what I have already posted. We finally cut through 2 top teeth this week. It was about 4-5 days of misery, but we made it through and the little queen is back to her happy self.
She has been waving and making the milk sign a lot lately. I don't think she knows the difference, but we pretend like she does.
She has been crawling a little bit more, but no long stretches across the room.
As far as food goes, we tried canteloupe which she didn't like the texture of and butternut squash and green beans. She is starting to get picky since she has tried other foods that she prefers much more. We have been doing lots of avocado, appelesauce, and puffs since they are so easy on the go during these crazy days. Other than that not too much is new!

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