Friday, December 14, 2012

32 Weeks

Delainey is 32 weeks and boy has it been a week. She got one tooth on top and was perfectly fine. But under closer examination, she was also getting the tooth right next to it. Boy has she been a treat this week. We have been up every few hours at night and she has been really fussy during the day. We have tried orajel, frozen teethers, frozen wash clothes, and some tylenol. Some of these things worked for a little bit, but she gets fussy pretty soon thereafter. Luckily my boy Dean was a gem yesterday so that helped! Anyways  hopefully it will cut through the skin soon so we can go back to normal. On another note, she is developing so fast! She is starting to wave to people and just today in gym class she started clapping on her own! Still no crawling though.

Tomorrow we are going to Dean's first birthday party and just hanging out! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Here are some of Delainey's latest Christmas outfits! Only 10 more days till Christmas!! :)

 I wore this bib when I was a kid!

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