Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful 30 - Day 17, 18, & 19

Sorry for the lack of posts. We were out and about for the majority of the weekend and spent last night hanging out with Dave once he got home. It is difficult to make posts everyday. So...

Day 17- I am thankful to have a sister who could quite possibly be the best party planner ever! She always has the greatest ideas and throws the best parties. I mean look at my baby shower and surprise birthday party! Hopefully one day we can start a business together, and I will do the business side and she will be the designer. I will be enlisting her help on D's 1st birthday which is going to be a mermaid theme. The annual Christmas party is coming up so that's next on the agenda for parties to plan.

Day 18- I am thankful for my husband being home and not being a single mother. Delainey is the easiest baby ever and there were times I wished Dave was around so I could just sit down and take a break or a shower for that matter. I don't know how these single moms work and raise kids on their own. My hats off to them and I'm glad I am not in that boat.

Day 19- I am thankful for Pinterest! I am not sure how we ever survived without it. I will be cooking 3 recipes that I found on pinterest for Thanksgiving and I think I will be doing a little bit of DIY Christmas presents with the help of some pinterest tutorials. If you guys aren't using pinterst, you are really missing out!

We went out to dinner and Costco on Friday night with Grammy and Pops. Then on Saturday we did some shopping at the Town Center and went to couple's supper club at Kelli's. And Sunday was church, lunch, then some quality time with Dave when he got home. I actually put him to work a little bit yesterday on baby-proofing the house. I had him install a gate on the stairs and some latches under the kitchen sink where the chemicals are. Today, I babysat Dean so we needed the house to be safe for a crawler/soon-to-be walker. It was acutally really great having 2 babies at once. Busy but good!
 Here are a few pics from the weekend & today:

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