Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Carving/Painting Party

Saturday afternoon we headed to my friend Erica's house for a Pumpking Carving & Painting Party. It was a great time! She had her house decked out in Halloween decorations and even had the food halloween themed. The pasta salad was shaped like bats and ghosts, the chips were pumpkins, and the cake pops looked like eyeballs. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the house. Mike also fried some fish and grilled burgers.
Thanks Cora & Aunt Linda for our precious outfit! We were def. best dressed at the party!
How funny is this picture!?!?
After eating and hanging out for a little while, the real fun began! Everyone put their artistic side to work and either carved or painted a pumpkin. We decided to paint it in hopes that it won't rot before Halloween. I painted mine first then we tackled Delainey's pumpkin. We striped her down to her diaper and got to work. We tried doing hand prints first, but of course with my wild child she wouldn't open them and stay still long enough to do it. So then we resorted to the foot which was a little better. It's not the prettiest pumpkin, but it was fun making it!

After painting pumpkins, we changed D into another Halloween outfit that was a little cooler since it was 85 degrees in October.(I'm so ready for it to get cool!) We hung out and watched football for the remainder of the day. Once it got dark, we voted on the best pumpkin. Delainey won, but the prizes were not kid friendly so she took herself out of the running. :) I did not win but it still was a lot of fun. We will definitely be making this an annual tradition for years to come! Thanks Erica for the great party!
D's pumpkin, Erica's pumpkin, My pumpkin (from left to right)

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