Friday, October 19, 2012

24 Weeks

I can't believe how fast October is flying by! We have been doing so much during the week that I feel like it is Friday before I can blink. On Wednesday we had Mom to Mom and the girls supper club at Amanda's house. This month the theme was Mexican! We enjoyed taco salads, refried bean casserole, and yellow rice. I am so glad we are doing these get togethers once a month. Next month's theme is Breakfast for dinner which I love so I am really excited about that!

This Sunday we are driving up to Savannah to have lunch with David's best friend from high school, Lindsey, & her husband Mark while they are close by. They live in Colorado but are visiting Savannah for a family reunion. We never get to see them so it will be fun to catch up and talk about all the exciting things about having little girls. Hopefully I can offer her some advice. She isn't due until February. On Thursday, we ran some errands and went to pick up some must have baby things for Lindsey. In addition to some store bought items, I am making her my blocks I use for Delainey's weekly & monthly updates. I think that is by far my favorite thing I have ever created. On another note, I had a friend who is a photographer also ask me to make her some blocks for her photo shoots and she will pay me $50! I just may start a business making these things! :) BTW Delainey is a wild child these days! Constantly yelling and getting into everything! We are going to have a very eventful next few years with this little beauty!

Today we went to lunch with Alicia & her daughter Collins and then David is taking me out to dinner tonight for a date night! My sis is watching D so that should be fun! I don't think we have had a date  night by ourselves since D has been born!
How stinking cute is she! I LOVE this pic!

Tomorrow we are going to go watch the airshow at the beach and swing by the Italian American festival to get some homemade Italian food in honor of my grandpa Bumpa. It should be a fun weekend and we will be back on Sunday to share pics of it all! Have a great weekend everyone!

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