Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FL v. GA & My actual birthday

Saturday was the annual Florida vs. Georgia football game held in Jacksonville. Even though I am not really a fan of either team, we still love to go and tailgate and roam around every year. We were hoping to bring Delainey for her first experience downtown, but with the weather being questionable and windy from Hurricane Sandy we decided to leave her behind. She was dressed in her red and black for her Grammy & Pop's team still though.
So Saturday morning we all met at the parent's house and headed out towards downtown around 9:00 am to tailgate. We looked like Mexicans with 10 people packed in the surburban with 2 coolers, but it's always nice to have only one car to park and drive home. (Finding a DD can be difficult, especially since we left Terri home with Delainey!) Once we parked, we walked to several different tailgates seeing friends and then ended up at our usual spot at my friend Erica's tailgate. They bring an RV down and it is right on a lake so that is always a good time.
We headed home early this year to make it home in time to actually watch the game which turned out to be a good one! David & I later headed over to Kelli and Jeff's friends house to watch the second half of the game then headed home because we were exhausted!

Sunday was my actual birthday which was exactly how I imagined it would be. We slept in and cuddled with D. Then David made us pancakes for breakfast and went to get us Pumpkin Spice Frappucinos. Then for lunch we headed over to Dave's parents house where I was given a new sewing machine for my birthday! I am very excited to learn how to sew...at least get good at some basic things. We went to the loop for lunch to get my favorite tomato bisque soup, then we watched the Jags play. Delainey loved playing with the wrapping paper! I can't wait to watch her at Christmas!

Later that day we headed to my parents house and we went to Brio Tuscan Grill for my birthday dinner. It was our first time going there. The food was really good, but definitely very rich so next time we will share items! Then we came back and ate oreo ice cream cake and opened presents. I got a new Kitchen-aid stand mixer from my parents! I have not been much of a baker in the past, but am starting to get into it more since staying home and I know that this mixer will be put to good use for years to come.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am hoping the 28 brings me as much happiness as 27 did. I don't think that will be possible because I was blessed with D while 27 so that will be hard to top :) We are heading to Cashiers, NC on Wednesday with David's family for the weekend so I am busy these next 2 days trying to pack and buy clothes for Delainey that will be warm enough. It snowed up there today so it is going to be cold! Maybe D will see her first snow! I will be back with pictures of the trip after this week. Hope everyone enjoys their halloween!

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