Monday, October 29, 2012

25 Weeks & Pumpkin Patch Round 2

Sorry for my absence, but from October through December things are so hectic I feel like I am constantly on the go. I will do my best to do at least 2 posts a week! :) So last Wednesday we headed to another Pumpkin Patch with our Mom to Mom group. We watched a video, played games, and decorated a baby pumpkin with stickers. We were really there just to take more pictures! :)

Then Thursday marked 25 weeks so we had our weekly photoshoot and ran some errands to prepare for the FL v. GA weekend.

Also on Thursday I finished up one of my crafting projects I was doing. David's co-worker Alex is a photographer and she loves my blocks I use for her weekly photo shoots. She contacted me and asked for me to make her a set for her to buy. I finished them and she actually got to use them in her newborn shoot this weekend! How exciting. Let me know if anyone else wants them?!? Side job #2 here we come! :)
Friday, my mom & sister's school got canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. I think it was a mistake because it actually turned out to be a beautiful day with the exception of some wind. So I jumped at the chance to have some friends to hang out with during the week! I took them to the French Pantry for the first time and of course they loved it just as much as I do! You know a restaurant must be good when they have a line to wait that is out the door.
After lunch we did some shopping and I got to pick out a birthday outfit! We ended the day with dinner with the family at Hurricane's Wings. I'll be back shortly with a recap of FL v. GA and my actual birthday.

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