Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Month Update

Height: about 27 inches
Weight: about 15.8 lbs according to my scale
Head Circumference: about 17 inches
Vision: I think your vision is now fully developed. Now we are working on remembering familiar faces and smiling when you see someone you know. You are also supposed to be able to recognize what things are when you only see part of it.
Movement: You can roll both ways now and you are a wild woman at night in your crib. Dad is trying to teach you to crawl and you are getting mighty close. You push up on your knees and push your legs to move forward but you bury your head in the ground. You can almost sit up by yourself, at least for a few seconds. You also reach for people now.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are still eating every 3 hours during the day. And once at night about 7-8 hours after you go to bed.  You are getting between 4-6 ounces per feeding. We do an extra 4 ounce bottle at night to help you sleep a little longer. As far as real food goes, I let you lick/taste majority of the things I eat. We did let you have a frozen banana slice in your mesh teether though. You loved it! We will be doing that more while we wait to start implementing baby food into the diet next month.
Sleeping Patterns: You are still doing great with the routine and fall asleep anywhere between 10 & 11 pm. You sleep a good 8 hours till 6ish when I feed you and you go back to bed for another 3 hours. As far as naps go, they are all over the place. Usually about an hour and a half after you eat that happen. They last about 30-45 minutes.
Sounds/Words: Still talking and laughing up a storm. We yell a lot now! You have yelling contests with mommy all the time.. You also started to do a little whine when you are tired or hungry.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You took out your beginner earrings and are now sporting your real diamonds
-You no longer use your gas drops! Hallelujah!!
-You have some major abs and can do sit-ups when held by your feet
-You have lost  most of your baby hair and are getting very blonde except for 1 patch on the back.
-You are so close to sitting by yourself. You are good for about 5 second stretches
-You had your first sleepover @ Grammy & Pops while we were in Tally.
New Friends I've made: You have made tons of new friends from Mom-to-Mom while you are in the nursery. We also are getting to know some people who do gymnastics with us so that's good. You met Gannon a few days after he was born. He is a big boy @ almost 10 lbs at birth, but so cute. You also met Kate & Mary Liz while on your Atlanta trip. As well as Cora, Aunt Linda, Uncle Chris, and Sam & Gillie.
Places you went/Adventures: September has been a great month for us. We have been loving every minute of our Mom to Mom classes as well as gymnastics. We like to have something to do each day even if it is something small. We attended Camdyn's birthday party. You had your first ever over-night sleep over with Grammy & Pops while your parents went to the FSU v. Wake game. You also attended the HeartWalk and did your first 5K.  And we traveled to Atlanta to stay with Morgan and see Cora & family.
Clothes: You have graduated to 9m for sleepers. They are a little large but the 6m were too small. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-6, Target-3, Carter-3, Old Navy/Gap- 3-6
You are also now in a size 2 diaper! We have switched from pampers to huggies bc the huggies have a higher cut waist and seem to hold the poop in better. :)

D enjoying her banana in her mesh teether

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