Friday, September 14, 2012

19 weeks

We have had a great but busy week! I swear even though I am not working I feel like the week just flies by! On Tuesday we had gymnastics class and our friend Collins decided to join so that will be fun going to class with someone we know! Then we went shopping at the mall. Jacksonville finally got a H&M so I had to hit it up before everything sold out. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed but hopefully they will come out with some good fall items. I did get a cowl-neck sweater poncho that I can't wait to wear!

Wednesday was Mom to Mom and I loved the message. It was all about leaving a legacy and what do we as mom's want to be remembered for. It really makes you think about what is truely important in life and to not sweat the small things! Wednesday night Grammy and I hit up a bi-annual consignment sale called Weetrade! It was like shopping on black Friday but we found some great deals. We got another jumper to keep at Gammo's house, a walker, a cart cover, a life jacket to go out on the boat, lots of toys, puzzles, and clothes! David kept Delainey and sent a video while we were shopping of them playing. It is too funny not to share! haha

Thursday we ran a few errands and hung out at home to help David with our taxes. (Yes we have not filed them yet and it is starting to stress me out, but hopefully by next week they will be done.) Today we are just hanging out at the house, doing laundry, and packing for the weekend. Dave and I are heading over to Tallahassee Saturday morning for the FSU vs. Wake Forest game. It will be the first time we leave D overnight but we know she is in good hands between the 2 grandmas! Off we go to finish packing. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
D in her new walker! She goes backwards but she loves it!
Love her Gymboree romper she is in today! Too cute!

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