Thursday, May 10, 2018

(IN)FERTILITY FRIDAY - First ultrasound

So today was my first ultrasound. Earlier than a usual one would be scheduled, but because of my slow rising numbers they wanted to make sure a gestational sac had formed and that it was in my uterus and not anywhere else. So today we headed in and I was a nervous wreck. I would like to note that after Friday, I was really ok with whatever the outcome would be. I had a peace from God that we would be fine no matter how it went and we had a great weekend camping and celebrating Delainey's birthday. This week was good and I honestly didn't start worrying again till last night. Not that it would change anything, but I liked the idea of not knowing in case if it wasn't a good outcome. I liked having a hope to hold onto instead of it being bad news and being out of luck.

So we headed to the doctor this morning and as soon as she stuck the probe in she said oh look there is a sac and I said in my uterus? And she said ya and I started to cry and said Thank you Lord. So really all I could see this early is a gestational sac and a small little white dot which is called a yolk sac. But atleast we ruled out the chance of an ectopic and things are moving in the right direction. It was a sigh of relief, but we have a long way to go! Next Thursday I have another ultrasound and by then we should see a heartbeat. So please keep the prayers coming that all continues to go well! We are going to keep trusting in God and that his plan is perfect!

Thank you guys for your continued prayers. I told David today if nothing else good comes from this we truly know how blessed we are to have so many people love and support us through all this! I had to send out lots of texts sharing the good news as I knew lots of people were waiting by their phones to hear how things went. How blessed are we! You guys don't know how grateful we really are! I will keep you posted on how things progress. We have soccer, a boat day, and mothers day on our agenda this weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing women in my life! Talk to you soon! XOXO

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