Thursday, May 17, 2018

(IN)FERTILITY FRIDAY - 2nd Ultrasound

So as we all have learned over the past few years, nothing is simple with me and surely nothing is black and white. That remains true for my doctors appointment today. All we were hoping for was a good heartbeat and things to be looking good. Well we did have a good heartbeat or it looked good, we didn't get to hear it, but we did find an issue. It is called a Subchorionic hemorrhage. Basically its a blood clot or bleed that happens between the uterus and the placenta. Mine is not too big according to the Dr, but we need to watch it to make sure it doesn't get bigger. So we wait another week and go back next week to see if it is bigger or smaller or hopefully completely gone. If it grows there is a risk for the placenta to detach which means miscarriage. So we are praying it gets better. He put me on light activity no lifting or anything strenuous for the next week so we can make sure I am not continuing to bleed. So that is the latest with us. Some serious testing God is putting me through. I will take it though if it all ends in  a healthy baby. Here is a picture and the arrow is pointing to the part that is the blood.
Thanks for your prayers and now we have something new to add to the list of prayers. I think I am going to add as well that on my next doctor appointment let everything be smooth sailing from next week on. I will keep you all posted next week! Pray the bleeding stops and disappears. XOXO

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