Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

This Thanksgiving was one for the books for many reasons friends. One because it was our first Thanksgiving in our new house and secondly because my Miami family came up and spent it with us.  (No telling when the last time we did Thanksgiving together) Tony and Brandi were in town... it was one big happy family. And by big, I mean we ended up with 18 adults and 7 kids if you count baby Walt who was 3 months old. It was so much fun having everyone in our home sitting around the table and kids running around like maniacs. The best part was everyone brought a few dishes so it was very manageable to feed that many people. And of course we had way too much food! The girls were obsessed with Aunt Terri and Delainey has already asked if she could fly on a plane by herself to go spend some time with her since she barely ever sees her :) We will have to get that on the books! 

 Friday night we all went to Moms for an Italian feast to spend some more time together. Look at those pics below, I told you the girls loved Aunt Terri :) Overall it was a great few days being with family from near and far and hopefully it will happen more frequently in the future. (All 6 kids are a lot to handle though LOL) We have so much to be thankful for this year and I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as we did.

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