Thursday, May 11, 2017


Here comes big momma! LOL I am officially large and in charge and there is not much hiding of this belly now. I am in my last 2 pairs of shorts and can no longer fit in any of my pants. I will probably need to break out the maternity box in the next week or so. Unfortunately for me, my big belly was in the winter with the other two so I don't have much to get by for the summer months. I may need to make a shopping trip soon as well. 

All joking aside, I will gladly take the growing belly. It means something is happening in there and I am praying it continues to! I am 11 weeks on Saturday so we are passing the miscarriage week as we speak. I am still tired and nauseous so that is a good thing! :) I am still taking my crinone and heparin shots and will be doing so for a few more weeks. I think I will be most scared to stop those. I really feel like stopping the progesterone messed things up last time so I am going to be overly cautious and take it longer than needed. 

As far as nausea goes, it's not too bad as long as I am eating, but the problem is no food appeals to me! String cheese and protein shakes are all I like. I am not even loving pasta that much these days. Cold stuff is where its at. Maybe bc I feel like I get so hot easily I like cold food. I am positive our poor neighbors have seen my panties.  I am so hot all the time, all I wear is a t-shirt around the house. Whoops. We actually had neighbors move in this week so guess I better tighten things up.  LOL

I am still sleepy and taking naps during the day and pretty worthless when it comes to cleaning the house or cooking dinner. Luckily Dave has been home early this week so we have had 2 home cooked meals instead of our usual cereal for dinner or pizza rolls bc mom is too tired to do anything else haha. What's a few weeks of no nutrition in the grand scheme of life? I'll feel better soon and we will be back to normal in no time. 

My next Dr appointment is Monday the 22nd and it's with Dr. Garcia the OB. Its a 3 hour long visit with an ultrasound, check up with the dr, go over your insurance... So hopefully all will go well at that and the fact that I am pregnant will become public knowledge. Well atleast to those who don't follow my blog. :) Keep up the prayers guys for a healthy baby. They are working! And Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there. Sorry but mine our the best! :) 

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