Thursday, May 4, 2017


Do I dare say it? Should I be honest and say I am feeling pretty good about this pregnancy at this point. If I do recall I said the same thing last time after my 9 1/2 week appointment  and things went bad the next week. So forgive me for being cautious even though so far things are looking good. This week I had a 2nd ultrasound with Dr. Brown. He is such a gem. He knew with the miscarriage I wanted a little extra reassurance and had zero problem with me coming in for another ultrasound. He actually said the miscarriage rate is decreased when patients are given extra reassurances through ultrasounds. Totally makes sense so you aren't as stressed. So we are 2 down and 1 more to go. Not with him though. His insurance won't cover you after 10 weeks so I am moving back to Dr. Garcia again. The wanted to get me in next week, but I conveniently pushed it a few weeks later so I would be 12 weeks for my next ultrasound. If all looks good at that one, I will feel confident we will have a baby in December!

I feel good about this though because there are some noticeable differences in this one and last one. Last time my numbers didn't double and these almost tripled. Last time my 9 week ultrasound the baby was measuring behind, this one is on track. I had zero soreness in my boobs and this time they are tender and finally starting to get bigger. Both times I have had nausea which isn't very fun, but a good sign. So there are some differences that are giving me confidence.

Of course it is all in God's hands how it will turn out so worrying one way or the other won't change his plans. So we will continue to pray for peace and a healthy baby and let time tell. :) I am continuing on my crinone and heparin till 12 weeks and then baby aspirin and prenatal will be all there is to do! Next week I will do a bump picture because Big Momma is getting large! :) At night my belly looks huge. Mainly because I ate half the refrigerator that day LOL. Anyways, Here are some pics from the ultrasound this week. We celebrating D's 5th birthday Saturday with a party so I'll be back with lots of pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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