Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016 - Fairy Sisters

Anyone who knows me well, knows Halloween is not a favorite holiday of mine. We usually celebrate more of it being "Fall" versus Halloween. I do though enjoy dressing the girls up and doing some trick or treating. Now if only I could make everyone's costumes nice and loving and have no scary houses, we would be in business. (My poor kids are doomed, I am terrified of all scary movies, hate scary/gross costumes, and would never go in a haunted house!) I dressed the girls as Fairy sisters and they looked so cute in their matching outfits. 

 We headed over to Kelli's neighborhood to trick or treat with them. This was Blakely & Ivy's 1st year of actually walking up to the house and trick or treating. It was so cute. Blake would walk up with her bucket and just stare at the person. They would put a piece of candy in and she would continue to stare at them. For like ever! I would have to pull her away from the door LOL. She loosened up by the end and would at least say Thank you. She loved it! Delainey and the rest of the big kids ran the entire night from house to house.

We had a good time. Yesterday we sorted the candy and donated most to a dentist office that donates it to troops overseas. D even got $2 for her donation ($1 per pound). Instead of eating all the candy, we took her money and bought a toy (I added a few dollars). She ended up with a gorgeous Elena of Avalor sparkling cup. haha. Now on to some good holidays like Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!

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