Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blakely's 19 Month Update

Height: about 33 inches
Weight: about 25 lbs
Head Circumference: about 19 inches
Vision: We are good in this department. Nothing to report
Movement: You can jump off of both feet and your speed is definitely increasing. Your walk is now turning into a run and it is so cute to watch you pump your arms as you run. It is usually to run away from me though since you are doing something wrong so I'm not a fan of the run LOL. You are climbing ladders really well and can go up and down stairs perfectly fine on your stomach.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You still drink 2 -3 milks a day. Occasionally mom gives you juice but most of the day your drinking water. As far as food goes, Breaskfast usually consists of granola bars, yogurt, sausage, and fruit. Lunch is cheese, smoothies, salami, cucumbers, tomatoes, crackers, pirates booty, chips, applesauce, pouches, raisins, chicken nuggets. Dinner is usually what we eat, but you especially love noodles, hot dogs, pizza, peas, chicken, corn, edamame, and green beans.
Sleeping Patterns: You are sleeping through the night. You are starting to test your limits on the crib and raise a leg to get out. Luckily you are a little more cautious then big sis. So instead of jumping our you stand there and yell "Mama, hold you!" Haha. Still 1 nap a day and you sleep for about 2 hours. You wake up at 7:30ish and go to bed between 7:30 and 8.
Sounds/Words: You are communicating so well. You are starting to learn some songs and you can finally say "I love you," It sounds just like Delainey when you say it. You are learning words all day long. People probably think your mom is nuts, because we have full conversations even though I can't understand a lot of what you say. :)
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You can jump now off both feet.
-You are starting to tell me when you need to go poop and will run into the bathroom. Potty training soon?
-You can say I love you!
-You went trick or treating and loved it!
-You have become a feisty little lady! You say no, hit others, run when I say stop, just testing the limits of Mom basically. We spend quite a good bit of time in timeout. I think you are going to be terrible 1 1/2- 2 1/2s like your sis.
-You went on a huge slide with Mom at the carnival
-You will finally do a slide by yourself.
-You had your first ever babysitter. (that wasn't family)
Places you went/Adventures: Our adventures this month consisted of lots of soccer, the San Juan del Rio carnival, Living Waters fall festival, Gammoe's church fall festival, trick or treating, Ivy's 1st birthday party, and about 29 trips to our new house to check on progress. Haha. I can't wait till we are in and get all the rooms set up.
Clothes: You are in 18-24 month clothes in all brands now. I am moving up to size 2T for leggings to keep them nice and long. You are still in a size 5 diaper. Size 6 shoe
Sister updates: You are still copying everything sis does, but now you are really starting to fight back. You hit Delainey when you want something she has. Luckily Delainey is very patient and doesn't fight back. She usually ignores it or just tells me. D has had a few moments where she said I wish I wasn't the oldest because we use the excuse that you are a baby and don't know any better yet. We usually give her a special privilege after and emphasis how lucky she is to be the oldest and do things sissy can't do. Still loving each other, but things have kicked up a notch. :)

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