Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Recap

As most of you know by now, Jacksonville was hit this past weekend by Hurricane Matthew that at one point was a category 4 hurricane. It was headed straight for us and had potential to be very devastating. So we prepared. Mom and I went to get sandbags in the pouring rain on Thursday with the rest of the city. It was a madhouse, but at the same time kind of fun playing in the dirt and rain. We cleared off the patio, went to the grocery store, basically did all the prep necessary to ride out the hurricane at home. 
It hit on Friday at about 2 pm and that's when we lost power. It mainly was just lots of rain and Windy! Once the TV went out, Dave and the girls became restless so it was time to pull out the board games. We played go fish, twister, played with the toys, and before we knew it Dave and the girls had to get out on the patio to run. Since there was no lightning I wasn't too worried about it so why not.

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