Saturday, October 15, 2016

Adventures around Jax

Delainey and I have agreed on a reward system for good behavior at school. When she has 3 great days in a row, she gets a reward. She gets a reward almost every week and to be honest, most of it is stuff we would do anyways, but why not give her an incentive to do her work and listen well at school. So far she has chosen a strawberry shortcake DVD, the new Disney Elena of Avalor doll, and bowling. We finally had a day to go bowling and she loved it! She had so much fun choosing her ball,  wearing the shoes, and rolling it down the ramp. After each roll, she would run back and count the number of pins left on her screen. We had such a great time bowling, we will definitely be doing that again soon! She has requested cosmic bowling next time. LOL

I would like everyone to notice this was the best game I ever bowled in my life. 3 strikes, spare, and a strike for my last 5 rounds! :) Way to go Mom!
Monday was too gorgeous of a day to stay inside and do gymnastics so we skipped it and headed to the zoo. The girls played on the playground, rode the train, saw most of the animals, and even had a ride on the carousel. Blake is a little unsure about some of the bigger animals, especially when they were close to her, but overall she really liked it!

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