Thursday, September 22, 2016

One week later

It has been a week since my D&C and I am happy to report that I am doing pretty good. The side effects have not been bad at all. Emotionally I am doing pretty good. Church on Sunday was a rough one for me. Music is 100% the way I feel and connect with God. More often than not at church, they will sing a song that hits home and I feel the holy spirit just fill my body. It is a crazy feeling and hard to explain. You just have to experience it to understand. When it happens I usually tear up. Sunday none of the songs at the beginning made me feel that way. After the sermon, we sang one more song before communion and it was "Jesus I come." I lost it.

Here are the lyrics:
Oh how I need Your grace
More than my words can say
Jesus I come Jesus I come
In all my weaknesses
You are my confidence
Jesus I come Jesus I come
I will rise stand redeemed
Heaven open over me
To Your name eternally
Endless glory I will bring (oh)
Oh what amazing love
We need Your cleansing flood
Jesus I come Jesus I come
In every broken place
You are my righteousness
Jesus I come Jesus I come
Thank You Jesus
Just as I am I come
Oh what amazing love

Check it out on iTunes. The Thank you Jesus part....its amazing! 

I have received so many texts, Facebook messages, blog comments, phone calls over the past week. Each and every one have really touched my heart. I even received a hand written sympathy letter all the way from Wisconsin and a gift from my sweet Aunt Terri about when God calls little Children Home. I really do appreciate it all and want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

God definitely had a plan in all this. If nothing else, 2,960 people read my blog post last Friday and got to hear my testimony. Hopefully it reached a few and in turn will draw them to God. He is so clever and uses us in the craziest ways. How dare we ever doubt your plan God. 

We are off to the happiest place on Earth this weekend (literally) and I am so excited to get away with my little family and enjoy some time with Mickey! Food & Wine festival here we come. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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