Friday, September 9, 2016


Hey guys! Here with the latest update from my ultrasound on Wednesday. We have one healthy baby! The other baby has "vanished" and there is just an empty sac there now that will eventually reabsorb into the uterine wall. Grammy came with me this time and got to see baby wiggling around and hear the heartbeat. It is starting to look like a baby which is awesome!

Dr. Brown jokingly said it must be a boy since its hanging out on its head. LOL We will see! 

 Blakely came with us to this Dr appt to see her little bro/sis. :) 

I have officially been passed from Dr. Brown the infertility specialist to a regular OB. I have a doctors appointment with them next Wednesday to do all the newly pregnant bloodwork and work up.  The most exciting thing happening this upcoming week is I will be 10 weeks on Sunday. That means no more progesterone shots in the booty!! Hooray! They aren't even horrible anymore to be honest, but it will be nice to not even have to worry about it in the mornings. Pops did a dynamite job though and I'll refer him out if anyone is looking for a nurse ;) 3 weeks to go till we are in the "safe" zone. I am feeling pretty good about the pregnancy, but there is nothing like hitting the second trimester and feeling pretty confident you will have a baby at the end of all this! I am still so tired and so nauseous but again it's a good is sucking the life out of me to grow itself. I will continue with the heparin shots in the stomach until 12 weeks and then we are home free from meds. I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for the continued prayers. God knew exactly what I needed and it was 1 healthy baby. I couldn't be happier or more thankful for this blessing! 

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