Friday, September 30, 2016

Disney Getaway Recap

Hey guys! I meant to do this post earlier this week, but the house stuff has kept me very busy. Before I get into our weekend with lots of pictures, I did want to mention I had my 2 week follow up for my D&C with Dr. Garcia. He said everything looked good and I was able to resume life as normal. It made me a little sad being in there, but he was so kind and had a confident attitude I would be pregnant again. I told him this wasn't the last of me and hopefully I would see him within the next 6 months! :) Atleast his doctor's office has a nice view of the St. John's river.

Anyways, heres a recap of Disney. We drove down very late Friday night to Orlando. We were hoping to all ride down together, but David was stuck in surgery. We waited and waited but by 7 o'clock we decided we needed to hit the road. Dave ended up meeting us down at the hotel at 10:45. Glad we didn't wait on him.
Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn and out the door for Epcot at 8 am. The park didn't open till 9, but we wanted to be in there first to head straight to the new Frozen ride before the wait got too crazy. Our plan worked! They ended up opening the gates at 8:40 and we ran straight for the ride....So did everyone else who was there early :) We ended up waiting about 10 minutes. By the time we got off the ride, the wait time was already 70 minutes. The ride was nothing spectacular, but at least we did it and don't need to do it again for a long time!

After the ride we met Anna & Elsa and Blakely did surprisingly well. It was cute to watch Delainey hold her hand and walk her up to meet the princesses. She didn't love them, but there were no tears.

We headed off to do some rides and then at 11 the real fun began when all the food and wine stations opened up. Dave & I did pretty good. We ate at Tuna Poke at Hawaii, Gyros at Greece, Bratwurst & Schnuddle at Germany, and Chicken Parm, Gelato, & Canollis at Italy. Dave also did some beer flights while I enjoyed Prosecco. If you haven't been to the Food & Wine Festival, it's amazing!

We did one more ride after lunch then headed home to swim at the pool for a little bit and take naps. After naps we went out to dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Fresco Cucina Italiana. I will 100% be going back! Then we headed to Magic Kingdom around 8 to watch the fireworks, do a few rides, and watch the Electrical parade 1 last time before it is gone forever next week. The girls were champs!

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We stopped by Ikea to pick out some house things we need. (Not buying them yet though bc we have no where to store them) Then we headed back to Jax. It was a great little weekend getaway with the family and it was just what the Doctor ordered! :)

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