Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ultrasound results are in

Well friends the roller coaster continues! I went in hoping and praying that we would have 1 good heartbeat and the baby would be measuring on track. Well that did happen, so what's the issue you ask. There is currently another baby in there. Yes at the moment I am pregnant with twins.

I say at the moment because while the one baby looked great, the other one did not. It was much smaller than where it should be and you could not hear a heartbeat. Dr. Brown told me there is about a 10% chance that the 2nd baby will make it and if it doesn't it will reabsorb into the uterine wall. They call it vanishing twin syndrome. Honestly, I am thrilled to have one healthy baby and I am counting on their only being one. I know God has a perfect plan and am a firm believer in if the baby doesn't make it, it is for the best because something was just not right with it. I just hate the waiting game that I was hoping would be over after today.

Now I get to wait another 2 weeks till I have another ultrasound to see if it is still alive. I get to analyze every cramp thinking maybe thats the baby passing away. I get to look at the toilet paper every time I wipe hoping there is not blood in there from losing one. I am hoping at my next ultrasound I go in and it is gone and I have no symptoms that have pointed to that at all. So like I said the roller coaster continues. :)

I am just focusing on the one healthy baby and counting our blessings for that baby! I'm praying everything continues as planned and in 2 weeks Dr. Brown confirms how great that baby is doing! Thanks again for the continued prayers! Pray that God's will be done. He will never give us more than we can handle. Not to brag, but I'm pretty awesome then! :) I would like to note that I told Emily a few weeks ago I thought this would happen so I don't know why I was surprised today. Just another event to go through that I can use to relate to others. Talk to you guys soon! XOXO

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