Friday, August 12, 2016


Hey everyone! There is not much to report on this Infertility Friday, but no news is good news as far as I'm concerned. I haven't really felt any pregnancy symptoms yet. As crazy as it sounds, I want the nausea and exhaustion to hit because then I know my body is doing some work in there growing a baby. I have had some cramping, but from what I've read it is just your uterus stretching. I read back on my previous pregnancies and the symptoms hit at 6 weeks for Delainey & 7 weeks for Blakely so maybe in the next week or 2. I need to be careful what I wish for though :) I do take afternoon naps when Blakely sleeps so maybe I am more tired than usual, but just not noticing it as much. I will be 6 weeks on Sunday.

I would like to note that the shots are getting much better! Pops (my Dad) comes in every morning before work at 5:30 to give me a shot in the booty. I roll over and rub the site for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. I think laying still to let it absorb has really helped. Maybe every 5th or 6th day the shot will hurt, but that is much better than everyday and me limping around all day. The shots in the stomach are also hit or miss. I don't dread doing them anymore, but occasionally I'll hit a blood vessel and bleed and bruise. Oh well! I've got my sweet tankini I am sporting these days. LOL

After having a good 3rd blood draw, they scheduled me for a pregnancy ultrasound. I was supposed to go next Friday, but of course because I had to wait till Monday afternoon to schedule it, Friday is booked. So the anticipation will continue for another week and a half. My ultrasound is now scheduled for Wednesday August 24th....Grammy's birthday!

I am headed off to Emily's bachelorette this weekend. It is in Jacksonville
at her friends mom's beach house so nothing too wild and crazy, but it will be a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with the girls. I hope you all have a good week and hopefully  I'll be back next Friday to report another uneventful week.

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