Friday, July 8, 2016

Cashier Trip Recap - 4th of July Weekend

Thursday evening, David Blakely & I headed to Cashiers, NC to stay at Aunt Linda's Mountain House. Delainey headed up there on Monday with Gammoe so we were excited to get up there and join them!
Friday Uncle Mel rented a boat so we enjoyed the gorgeous lake, swimming in the waterfalls, tubing, and skiing. Delainey is a tubing fanatic and said that was the highlight of her trip. I think Blakely's favorite part was feeding the ducks!

 This is Gammoe skiing down below! Very impressed!

 That evening we came home, ate dinner at the house, enjoyed the sunset and hit the hay. Delainey had previously been sleeping in Gammoe's room, but that night we talked her into sleeping under the pool table. We put sheets over it so it was her own little tent. She loved it!! BTW this air mattress Aunt Mary Beth got her was dynamite! It was a 2 part mattress that had an inside flat part and a oval surround with high walls so she couldn't roll off the bed. I am 100% buying one of these for our next trip. Thanks for all the awesome things you bought my kids Aunt Linda and Mary Beth! They were spoiled to death with their favorite foods, toys, water toys, beds... They were in heaven!

 Saturday, we went to the country club pool while the boys went golfing and then we went into town for a little bit. We bought some of the famous jellies the whole family is obsessed with and then went to the ice cream shop for an afternoon treat. D chose a ring pop over ice cream and Blakely was pleased with her choice. LOL

 Sunday, B was up at the crack of dawn (literally) so we got to enjoy the sunrise and play out on the porch while trying not to wake anyone.
We headed to Aunt Linda's cute little church that morning. D loved her sunday school class and of course I had the girls in their matching smocked American flag dresses. After church Gammoe took the kids home for a nap and the rest of us went out to lunch. The restaurant was called Cornucopia and it was so cute inside. The service was slow (its one of the busiest weekends of the year for Cashiers), but the food was really good and I was just happy to enjoy a restaurant without the kids catching up with family!
That afternoon we went on a walk around Aunt Linda's house and climbed some trees then had a golf lesson from Uncle Mel on his putting green! It was a lovely afternoon outside. 

Monday morning when the girls woke up we headed back to Jax for our long 8 hour car ride. The girls actually did surprisingly well with only 1 real stop at chick-fil-a. We had a great weekend getaway up there and loved getting to spend time with family that we don't get to see often. Thank you Aunt Linda, Uncle Mel, Mary Beth, and Collier for your hospitality and taking such great care of my girls! You guys are the best and we can't wait for next time!

 Here are some pictures from Gammoe's phone of D having fun the few days before we arrived!
 Dinner at the Country club with some dancing and Karaoke and more tree climbing!

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