Saturday, May 7, 2016


It's my first week of Infertility Friday and I have already slacked off and not done it on Friday. Friday's are usually busy days for us so my new plan is to doing my post Thursday night so it will be ready to go on Friday. :) We will see how this works out. LOL
Anyways, in my infertility awareness post I mentioned that I was going to try to have another baby this summer and start doing weekly updates on what is happening medically or emotionally or even just say no new news yet! So before we get into what's currently happening, I'm going to let this post be a little background on my infertility journey.

I got pregnant with Delainey via IUI and it was basically a miracle, because at the time I didn't know I had endometriosis. We tried 4 IUIs for another baby. It didn't work. I discovered I had endometriosis by having a laprascopic surgery. After surgery I had a 6 month window where my chances of getting pregnant were increased. I did 5 more IUIs all to no avail, so we decided to IVF for Blakely. I ended up with 7 embryos and we chose to put in just 1 egg since they were fresh eggs and since I was under 30 my odds were pretty good with just 1. It worked and along came Blakely!

So where does that leave us now? Well, I am a realist and know the chances of an IUI working are slim to none so we are not going to waste the time or money trying that. Plus I have 6 frozen little embryos just dying to be put in my uterus :) So we are going to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer at the end of July, pending everything goes according to plan.

After meeting with the Dr. to get more information about the FET (frozen embryo transfer- you will see this abbreviation a lot!), he felt very confident that I had a baby in my group of 6 embryos. FETs are much less invasive than a fresh cycle because 1. you don't need to actually get the eggs out of your body and fertilize them which requires anesthesia and surgery 2. the meds you take are not nearly as intense or expensive (woohoo!) Basically for an FET you take some progesterone to get your body ready to think it's pregnant, then you go to the Dr. and he places an embryo in your uterus with a catheter and then you continue with the meds and just hope and pray. The downside of an FET though is that they are frozen so their viability is decreased. For that reason he really encourages to put in 2 embryos vs. 1. He said there is a 10% both will take and 90% chance only 1 will take, if you do in fact get pregnant. So what are we going to do 1 or 2? You will have to wait for another infertility friday to find out our plan! Sorry again about being a day late to post!  Have a good weekend!

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