Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frozen on Ice

This past Friday, Kelli and I decided to take the girls to Frozen on Ice. We usually do Disney on Ice and I'm never that impressed, so I wasn't thrilled about the idea but I knew Delainey would be. So we tried it out. I loved it! It was so much better than the ones in the past. Maybe because it had a storyline and it was identical to the movie, it just seemed so much better! Delainey and Georgia were very excited to go into the arena. 

Mom for the win! I brought frozen ice's from home so we didn't have to buy the $14 snow cones! Blakely loved the show and actually sat there and watched for all but 10 minutes of the 2 hour show.

Sven the reindeer killed me since it was 2 people skating together. The costumes and skating was really good.
 Blake needed to stretch her legs so she took a stroll down the aisle during intermission. LOL

At the beginning and the end, all of the princesses and Disney characters came out for a cameo so that was very cool too!

 We were having a real good time haha! I would totally go to this again!

In other news, we pretty much laid low this weekend. Well I take that back. Friday we laid low at the house. Dave grilled steaks while the girls played in the water table on the patio and then we enjoyed dinner outside.

Saturday we skipped the soccer game and relaxed in the morning and then went to a meeting with our builder where we went over the first draft of our plans!! How sweet are these 2 snuggling in bed in the morning with each other!!
Saturday afternoon we headed out to our friend Chris's 30th birthday party. Dave and Mike actually won the corn hole tournament and made $60 each so I was pretty excited about that! 
Today we went to church, washed & cleaned cars, and had dinner at Gammoe's. On to another busy week ahead! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend!

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