Monday, April 25, 2016

Christ's Church Women's Retreat - 2016

This past weekend, I was able to attend my first ever Women's retreat at our church. Of course I was a little nervous as to what all it was going to entail, but a friend of mine from Mom 2 Mom went with me so I felt much better. It was Friday night and all day Saturday. (Shout out to Dave who watched the girls the entire time I was gone. He's the best!)

This years theme was "Shaken. Unshaken." Basically when an "earthquake" hits your life, will you be prepared and what will be left of you. We are all bound to face some trials and life so we need to make sure we are deep rooted in our faith, because all of the "created things" will be gone and we will be left with nothing but God.
There were some awesome testimonies that spanned from one lady who woke up one morning and her husband laying next to her was dead from a massive heart attack, to another lady getting sick one day finding out it was sepsis and she had to amputate her legs, fingers, and nose, and one lady who's husband had an affair and how they overcame it. My group of 7 women I sat with all had something pretty serious happen to them in their lives already. It's crazy to know that you will have troubles in your life, but they happen for a purpose so we need to stay near to God and see the best in every situation. The rocks in the picture on the right are filled with cards of things people are struggling with that they need to let go of and just trust God. Pretty cool concept as it was related to the "wailing wall" in Jerusalem.
My favorite part of the weekend was the worship music. The music was led by Austin & Lindsey Adamec (they lead our church worship) and I am obsessed with them. He actually had a few songs on the radio and they just made an album together and are trying to become famous. Selfishly I don't want them to because I know they'll leave the church :( Honestly though go look them up on iTunes. Maker of Miracles is an awesome song!! They are awesome and of course music is the way to the soul, so that really made an impact for me over the weekend!
It was a great retreat and I will definitely be attending again next year...and who knows maybe I'll even bring some people with me! 

Yesterday, we had a beach day since we did church Saturday night and it was a glorious day. We met up with Jeff & Kelli and Erica & Mike. The kiddies had a great time playing eating  the sand! LOL
Blakely's 1st time in pigtails :) 

After the beach, we stopped by the fort in St. Augustine since we have never been and it was free all week! Not being a big history buff, I just thought it was ok. They did fire the cannons while we were there though and that was cool! Dave loved it of course LOL!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did!! 

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