Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Guys! Sorry I have been such a slacker this week on posting things. I don't even know what I have been doing that has made things seem busy! We have had a fun countdown to Valentine's Day. Each person has a little mailbox set out that you can put notes, treats, or little presents in, so every morning Delainey wakes up and runs to check her mailbox. She has been making lots of pictures and notes to put in everyone else's mailbox. The girls got some matching pj's from Mom that they were very excited about. D also got a new Minnie valentines shirt that she got to wear to school for her V-day party. She came home with Valentine's from everyone in her class. She was so excited!

Dave and I don't really celebrate V-day since our anniversary is the week before. We usually celebrate our anniversary and beat the crowd  by going out the week before for a date, but that didn't happen this year. Our 9 year anniversary was Wednesday so the girls and I decided to do a family date night on Wednesday at the house and cook Dad fondue. It was great in theory until both kids hit a wall and lost their minds. Poor Delainey would not stop crying because her ear was killing her and she couldn't hear and Blakely was sick and so tired. We pushed through though and had our dinner by golly! It turns out Delainey did have a bad ear infection and Blakely had pink eye. So we laid low the rest of the weekend and skipped our Date night with just the 2 of us to celebrate the anniversary. I told Gammoe we were going to have a date night while in Steamboat and she could watch the kids. She agreed!

Our ski trip is finally upon us and I have been packing and organizing for the past few days. We leave on Wednesday and come home on Sunday. I am so excited to let Delainey try and ski this year. I think she is going to love it! I will be sure to take lots of video. It has been quite the feat packing 4 people for the snow LOL! There are so many layers you need to bring!! D tried on her ski outfit the other day and she is ready to rock!
Besides packing and school, we have been to try on wedding dresses 3 times with Emily so far. She still hasn't found "the one," but she has found lots of dresses that look great on her. Hopefully by the end of the month she will have selected a dress. Time is ticking until this wedding happens! Almost only 6 months! Delainey is going to be a flower girl, so every time we go she has to try on a flower girl dress. She is so sweet :)

I'm hoping to be back to do one more post before we leave for our trip on Wednesday so stay tuned.

 I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day with their loved ones. I'm counting my blessings to love and be loved by so many special people especially these gems who call me Mom! XOXO

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