Monday, December 28, 2015

December to Remember - Week 4 (Part 2 - Xmas Day)

Christmas morning started for Blakely around 7:15, but not till almost 8 for Delainey! Delainey woke and said Mom it's Christmas morning and ran out to see all the gifts. She opened her stocking and moved right over to Blakely's toy. She definitely helped her "open" most of her presents. Her "big" present from Santa was a bike. Each year Delainey has to do a scavenger hunt to find her last big gift. She did awesome this year by solving the riddles. The end of it led her out to the garage, where her new bike was sitting. She put her helmet on and hopped right on and off she went. She is a maniac on that bike. I personally think we should take off the training wheels and teach her, but Dave says give her a few weeks with them first. After playing with our toys, we had the usual egg casserole and monkey bread for breakfast. Georgie & Ivy came to eat and play for a little while and then it was off to naps. Dave & D watched a movie and I cleaned the house and showered to get ready to go to Gammoe's. 

We headed to Gammoe & Dodaddy's around 1. We opened presents and played over there and then had dinner around 5. Will's parents and brother and wife were there so we had a full 12 people for dinner. After dinner, we played some heads up and called it a night around 8. We had a fantastic day, but boy were we exhausted. 

The next morning, Delainey woke up and played with EVERY single toy she got. She must of have sat in her room for a good 3-4 hours playing :) I'd say it was a good Christmas. Me, in all my OCD glory, took down the Christmas decorations, and I mean even the lights on the house. HAHA Dave was called into surgery and I figured what better time then over the weekend while we didn't have much going on. We hung at the house, played with neighbors, and headed to bed early.

Yesterday, we went to church and lunch and then to the pool for a little while since it was 85 degrees. Got to keep Delainey swimming so she doesn't forget. We headed to Gammoe's for an early birthday dinner since her birthday is on Tuesday.
We have a busy week ahead of us again. Blakely has her 9 month check up and Thursday is New Years Eve and Will is having  a big party for  Emily's birthday. Then dinner at Marcia's on Friday with the family for Emily's Birthday. This time is crazy!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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