Friday, August 21, 2015

Delainey's fabulous week!!

Delainey had quite the fabulous week if I do say so myself. On Thursday we got up early and headed to her Preschool Orientation. She met her teachers and new classmates and got to play with them while the parents went to the chapel to hear all the rules and procedures. It just so happens that I already know 3 of the moms who have kids in her class. 2 girls from high school and 1 girl from ballet this summer so it will be fun when all the families get together! Her teachers seemed very nice! I think it is going to be a great year! 

 We had our first ever homework assignment that we completed today! It was fun to do, but big momma is going to have to get over her OCD and let D just do the work however she pleases. Haha I don't want to be THAT parent who obviously did the homework assignment. I just like things so neat and clean!
 After orientation, we headed home to hang out and got a wild hair and bought Delainey and I annual passes to Disney World! We are planning on going for her birthday anyway and I wanted to do another weekend somewhere in the next month or so, so it was better to buy the annual pass than separate single day tickets. We are so excited about it! Bring on the girls day trips to Disney!

On a side note, Blakely is getting so big! I finally got a picture that shows her deep blue eye color. She is almost 5 months :( so I will be back with an entire update on her next week!

Then to top of the already great week, Delainey woke up early this morning and I remembered that the Christian radio station was doing a giveaway for Rock the Universe. It is a christian concert at Universal Studios. (I went last year with Emily & it was awesome. Here is my blog post from Rock the Universe last year.) Anyways the giveaway is only from 7 am - 8 am and kids call in and say why their parents rock. We never are up early enough or have it together enough to call. This morning we had plenty of time and Delainey said she would talk on the we called. She said "My mom rocks because we have dance parties." She was entered into the drawing and low and behold I got a phone call an hour later saying she won!! We got a 4 pack of tickets to rock the universe and a 4 pack of tickets to Islands of Adventure! So here we come Orlando in 3 weeks for a fun weekend with the family!!

We went and ran some errands today and went to Whole foods to get some groceries. Delainey loves going here because she gets a free snack and her own little shopping cart to push through the store. Genius I tell you! After errands we just hung at the house and played.
Tomorrow I am headed to Tracie's bridal shower, while Dad does some Daddy/Daughters time lol. I hope every has a great weekend...maybe half as great as Delainey's week has been! :)

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