Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last Week's Festivities

I am finally getting a chance to sit on the couch and relax after a crazy busy week last week. I love doing things, but I forget how nice it is to just sit and hang out every now and then. Last Tuesday night, some family friends, the Turbedsky's, came into town from North Carolina. Matt, the father, and I have known each other since birth and grew up together. Now we both have kids that love playing together. They have 2 boys, Caden(7) & Grayson(5) and Delainey is obsessed with them! I think she actually has a crush on Caden. LOL Anyways on Wednesday, we swam in the pool with them all day and then did Mexican dinner, on Thursday we did the beach and then back to the pool for the afternoon, on Friday they went to Seaworld so we did a little shopping at the mall then went out on the boat with Dave & Emily, and on Saturday we played in the pool until they left around 2 pm. She literally would swim from 10 am to 8 pm most days! Her swimming is so awesome after chasing around the boys all week. 
 D loved swimming in the river on Friday. After we swam for a bit, we took the boat over to Whitey's on the water for dinner, but it was cut short due to a storm coming in. Thankfully we beat it and got off the water before it hit us.
 Saturday afternoon, everyone came over to Terri's house for a graduation celebration for my cousin Melissa. She has finished her residency in Emergency Medicine and is officially a Doctor. We had a great time playing volleyball in the pool, yard games, and hanging out with my Uncle Gary (Cap is his name for the kids) & Steph who we really only see a few times a year, mainly in the keys.

The Doctor with her Dr. cake! 

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