Saturday, June 6, 2015

Girls getaway to Alicia's Beach Condo

This past Tuesday we headed down to Alicia's beach condo just north of Palm Coast to have a little getaway for the girls. It was Delainey's 1st sleepover with a friend! We arrived around noon and did a little swimming at the pool before the weather got bad and we were quarantined to the condo. The girls watched a movie, ate dinner, played with some toys, and had a late night dance party. They were bathed and in bed by 8 that night bc they were so exhausted playing with each other. Alicia and I enjoyed some grown up chit chat and were off to bed a few hours later. (You can see baby Sadie poking out in the 1st picture!) Less than 2 months till Blakely has a best friend to play with too! 

 The next morning Delainey, Blakely, and myself went down to the beach to look for shells and take a walk. The beach has lots of rocks on it so there really isn't a beach unless it was low tide. The tide was coming in so it was a short trip at the beach.

We came back and ate breakfast and then hit the pool for the remainder of the day. It was a gorgeous day! The girls made some friends (mostly because they wanted to play with their toys) and even got some "jet ski rides" from the Dad at the pool. LOL We came back up to the condo for lunch and then we headed home. Delainey was so exhausted she was out within 10 minutes of being in the car. 

It was a nice little girls getaway and we are so blessed to have such great friends. (Alicia and I have been friends since we were 11 years old, Collins & Delainey are 9 months apart, and Blakely & Sadie are going to be 6 months apart) What more could you ask for! Definitely some lifelong friends :)

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