Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blakely Ann - 1 Month Update

Height: about 22 1/2 inches
Weight: about 9 lb 8 oz
Head Circumference: about 14 3/4 inches
Vision: You can see up to 12 inches in front of you. You are starting to look at where sounds are coming from.
Movement: You are one strong lady! You have some pretty good neck control for just being 1 month old. Most of your tummy time is done laying on my chest and you just stare at my face and we talk. You also push up with your legs into a stand when you are trying to poop. This past week or so you have been griping things better. You love to hold anyones hand.
Eating Habits/New Foods: We are averaging eating every 3 hours. It does vary though because sometimes you will eat one boobie and then fall asleep. You will wake up an hour later and then want the other boob. If you eat both though we are good for a 3 hour stint. At night you can go for 1 long 4-5 hour stretch then we are back to the 3 hours. You took your 1st bottle at 2 weeks and did great! You are eating 3 ounces a feeding. You are a gassy lady who gets hiccups often or chokes fro sucking  too fast. You get gas drops at every feeding.
Sleeping Patterns: Our morning starts around 8 or 9 and our bedtime is around 10-11. You are up for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour after you eat and then you are back to sleep. I think we will start to get into more of a pattern over this next month. The 1st month is mainly when you are in a sleep coma. You are sleeping in the pack n play on the boppy sleeper. You are fine to sleep in any swing, bouncer, rocker, or mamaroo. You sleep great in your carseat!
Sounds/Words: You make lots of grunting noises when eating and pooping. You are a loud eater like your Mama! We hear an occasional coo, but not too much as far as the noises go yet.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You took your 1st bottle at 2 weeks and loved it! You have had a few since so Mommy is able to have some free time when necessary.
-You have a gassy belly, so we have to "de-poop" you at night to help get out the poop and gas. You hated it at first, but now love it because you know you get such relief from it.
-You lost your umbilical cord at 1 1/2 weeks
-You had your 1st real bath with your sister at 2 weeks and you love them!
Places you went/Adventures: You have been a busy lady this month! You have already gone to 2 birthday parties (Griffin's & Weston's), you celebrated Easter, went to the beach twice, went to Disney on Ice, went to Mom to Mom, attended Storytime at the library, had your newborn pictures taken, gone to the pool, gone to a girl's night supper club, went to your 1st musical, done tons of shopping trips, and gone on your 1st date night with Mommy & Daddy! And you are about to experience your 1st vacation to Seaworld this weekend! We have had some exciting days this month! Too bad you slept through majority of the events:)
Clothes: You are in 0-3 month clothes. We wore a size newborn diaper for 2 weeks and have since switched to size 1 diapers. (For future reference I like Pampers newborn diapers better, but Huggies size 1 better)
Sister updates: your big sister is officially obsessed with you! She loves holding you on the boppy, giving you kisses that sometimes smother you, holding your hand, and pretty much touching you whenever she gets a chance. She is especially protective when strangers get near or touch you. She will push her way through and touch you while they are. You are one tough cookie to withstand all the smothering and pulling, but so far we have had no serious incidences! She says "this is my baby" and we now refer to you as hers! :)
Weekly Pictures:

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