Saturday, January 24, 2015

Morgan's Bachelorette weekend in Seaside

Last weekend, 5 of the Jacksonville girls headed to Seaside (near Destin) for my college roommate's (Morgan's) bachelorette party. Morgan is marrying an older guy who owns his own trucking company based out of Atlanta. They just recently bought a vacation home in Seaside and thats where the bachelorette was held. The house was gorgeous!! She took care of preggo big momma and gave me basically the second Master bedroom. Emily was lucky enough to bunk with me so she got to enjoy the perks too. Here is a picture of Morgan and Jessica just hanging out in my bathtub! :) 
Friday night we arrived around 7ish and headed to dinner at The Great Southern which was exactly what it sounds like. Down home southern food. I got the shrimp and surprise, and it was delicious. After dinner we headed back to the house to drink and played Cards against humanity. It was a fairly early night. 
The next morning a few of us woke up early to enjoy a nice leisurely walk to the shops, farmers market,  and enjoy coffee on the beach. It was a lovely day. We headed back to the house for bagels and donuts and then ventured out for the day. 

We walked to see where Morgan's wedding was going to be held. It is in the building on the water in the right picture called the Boathouse. There was something going on in there so I was only able to see the outside.

We then went to a wine bar for wine and apps. We ventured a little further down the road and had lunch at a food truck. I had the turkey, tomato, avocado grilled cheese...It was heaven! We ate on the beach and hung out for a while before heading home to prepare for the evening festivities.

Everyone dressed nice and we did a little lingerie shower where Morgan had to guess who bought her which outfit. She did horrible, but did much better on answering questions correctly that Andy had to answer. After the games we headed to dinner at Basmati's (a sushi place) and out to the Baytowne Harbor area where there are a bunch of bars. Sober momma drove around a car of 12 wild girls packed like sardines to and from the bar. That was quite the adventure! :) 

Morgan had a good time doing the normal bachelorette stuff of taking shots, and being serenaded by the dueling pianos guys. We only made it to one bar before heading home, but it was still a good time.
The next morning everyone just woke up and headed home. It was a fun weekend spent with great girl friends and we will be headed back to Seaside in less than a month for her wedding!

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