Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

This last week has been spent at school, listening to a great speaker on marriage at Mom to Mom, and lots of family time. One of Delainey's favorite things to do at Gammoe's is go fishing! She still doesn't like to touch them, but boy can she reel in a fish! 
 Pardon the boob shot here. haha
 Saturday, Dave got called into surgery so Delainey and I had a relaxing day at the beach with just the 2 of us. They weather was perfect and we figured it was probably our last chance to get some sun. We enjoyed lunch after and then headed home for naps.
After naps, we dropped D off at Gammoe's for a sleepover and we headed to St. Augustine for Jessica & I's birthday dinner. We ate at a place called Ice Plant. It was a very cool industrial atmosphere that reminded you off an old speakeasy. The menu was 4 pages of cocktails and 1 page of food, so you can assume they were known for all their homemade drinks since it is a distillery. The food was really good though! My scallops were amazing and Dave's burger was huge. They don't accommodate big parties well which stunk, but besides that it was a nice dinner. 

 After dinner we headed to a bar to watch the FSU vs. Notre Dame game. Talk about a nail biter. Hey we won though so that's all that matters. Sunday, I cleaned out what is going to be Delainey's big girl room and ordered her some new bedding. All we need to do is paint, jazz up her closet and decorate and we are good to go! Little sister will be here before we know it. I am almost half way! woohoo!!!

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