Saturday, June 21, 2014

Swim lessons are complete

Last year, we did ISR swim lessons with Delainey and she did fantastic. Fast forward 10 months and a cold winter with no practice and all skills went out the window. Not to mention her body shape changed, she got a lot more muscular, so I think that added to the sinking. We signed up for the refesher  courses with our same instructor and I was thinking we would be done in a week or 2. Well I am happy to say after 4 long weeks, we are done! We have a swimmer at 26 months of age. Not too shabby!

This was D on her first day of swim lessons. She loved going everyday and swimming. She particularly  loved trying to swim to get Ariel on the steps. Every Friday we had a celebratory donut for a good week of lessons! As much of a pain as it was to go every day for 4 weeks, it was nice to see her progress and have some quality Mommy/daughter time.
We also were able to conquer potty training in the midst of swim lessons and swallowing half of the pool. :) We learned how to pop a squat since they didn't have any bathrooms available. She comes by it honestly! haha
 Here is a video of her swimming in her winter clothes. They make them do a day fully dressed in clothes, because lets be honest, when you accidentally fall in you are probably not in your bathing suit. I'm so glad my little water bug is safe and loves swimming so much! I highly recommend these lessons!

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