Friday, June 27, 2014

Elizabeth's Graduation Visit!

We have had quite the busy week so far and it isn't even the weekend yet! Wednesday morning early David's sister Elizabeth arrived with her daughter Paige, Amanda, Joy, & Jenny. Elizabeth just graduated her RN to BSN online program and was able to walk in the graduation ceremony here in Jacksonville. Wednesday we went up to the pool and then had dinner at Gammoe's house, a chicken parmesan feast. Delainey was beside herself with all of the people to play with her. She has become especially attached to Jenny, but loves them all!
Thursday, we watched the USA soccer game and laid by the pool. We showered up and headed to Liz's graduation. It was a really good ceremony with a great speaker. After the ceremony we went back and had heavy appetizers and played games all night!
 Today, we went to the beach and it was a gorgeous day. Delainey and Gammoe sat and played in the waves for a good hour looking for shells and animals. Here is a pic of her BFF Jenny!
Tonight we are headed over for the big celebration dinner. Filet and garlic mashed potatoes…heaven! I think tomorrow we are going to head to St. Augustine and do some more beach time and maybe walk around downtown. I don't know what D is going to do with herself when it is just me. Sunday we are headed to our church's big Freedom Fest which is an outdoor concert with tons of famous christian artists such as Matthew West and Brit Nicole. They have food trucks, bounce houses, and all types of fun things to do. They also end the night with fireworks which I'm really looking forward. I will be back with a post on Monday with a weekend recap. I hope everyone has a great last weekend of June. I can't believe July is here…one of my favorite months of the year! So much fun to be had!! 

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