Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Weeks Activities

David is home! It was a long 8 days without Daddy, but he made it home safely this morning. He passed his class with flying colors which is fantastic. D was very happy to see Daddy! Here are my pictures from last weeks adventures. 
We started refresher swim lessons last week D was awesome at floating and swimming last summer, but she lost majority of it over the winter. I would say they are more of teach her how to swim vs. refresher lessons. I'm hoping it just clicks one day soon and we can be done with lessons. It's rough doing 10 minutes a day every single day! Our treat for doing well at lessons is a Donut with mommy every Friday after lessons. She loves it! When did she become 13 years old. :(

 Last Saturday, Emily and I took Delainey to "Feel the Wheels" where she got to touch/go in different modes of transportation. I thought the helicopter was pretty cool! She had a blast playing in all the cars/trucks…


 I'll be back with a few pictures from this past week. Not too many exciting adventures, we were just trying to survive being a single mom which I accomplished! I definitely don't know how single moms do it. They're amazing!!

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