Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Copper Mountain Trip Recap

We arrived back in Jax late last night from a long 5 day vacation in Copper Mountain. Vacations are so much fun with Delainey. It just adds a whole new level of excitement to snow and all of the activities that go along with it.

We headed to the airport last Wednesday for our direct flight to Denver. I was a touch nervous about flying with my wild woman, so I brought everything I could think of: iPad, computer with DVDs, snacks, and even a brand new backpack for her to wear filled with new toys. She was so excited to put on her big girl backpack when we got to the airport! I think one of her favorite parts of the whole trip was riding on the escalators, people movers, and trains at the airport. Every time we would get near one she would say "all by myself" and run for it. 

She loved flying on the airplane and seeing all of the things from the sky. She ended up taking a nice nap on Gammoe, watching some videos, and just looking out the window majority of the time. Not a single tear was shed! woohoo! She also loved the train that took us to the baggage claim from our gate. Once we arrived we rented a car and headed 2 hours west to copper mountain.

We got settled into the condo, rented our skis, and played in the snow that first night. Delainey was so small last year it was really fun to see her try to walk around and play in it dressed like the michelin man. She especially loved to bend down and lick the snow!

Thursday, the whole family skied and Delainey went to daycare which she really enjoyed. It was like a blizzard out there! They said we got over 18 inches of fresh snow that day. It was a lot of work skiing when you can't even see your skis it is so deep! 
Friday, I stayed home with Delainey and played in the snow with her on the ice rink and walked around the town. David left around noon to head out to Las Vegas for a work trip.

Saturday, we skied again and Delainey did daycare, but this time they took her outside and she got to do some sledding. They said she loved it. The weather was perfect, sunny and no more falling snow. It was a great day to ski.

Sunday, I took her to a kids area called Critterland where she could do some tubing and play on slides and stuff. We also enjoyed some warm hot chocolate with whipped cream on top when we were done playing outside. That afternoon we headed to Denver to stay with one of David's friends and watch the super bowl. (pretty boring if you ask me).

Monday, Emily & I walked around downtown Denver and then we headed out to the airport. It was a great trip and we hope to make it an annual thing. Delainey will definitely be ready to try out skiing next year! 

I also need to document that Delainey got her first burn while on vacation. She hit her wrist against the metal part of the electric fire. She's a champ though and pushed right through enjoying herself! 

Onward to the next big event in our lives, Jessica's wedding next weekend….

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