Friday, December 7, 2012

31 Weeks & Santa Pictures!

Big D met Santa today! She was a little nervous at first, but then she looked at who was actually holding her and it went downhill from there. She didn't have time to tell him what she wanted for Christmas so I guess she will be getting what I think she wants :) We actually got one decent picture though so I was happy!

Delainey is 31 weeks now! Such a big girl still eating all types of new foods. Our new personal favorite is banana & avocado puree! (sounds gross but its delish!) Nothing new this week except for our new adventure at the grocery store. We tested out the race car cart and Dean and Delainey loved it!

Here are some pics of Delainey's christmas outfits so far this month. I layed out all the outfits and I'm pretty sure she has one for the next 18 days so get ready for some cute Christmas outfits :) Hope everyone has a good weekend. We are off to the live Nativity with our friends Alicia & Mike and their daughter Collins.
BTW I have been doing lots of crafting. Here was my latest deal I created!


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