Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful 30 - Day 3 & Halloween Pictures

I am thankful for my health. With all the ailments and illnesses in the world today, I have been blessed with great health. When I was younger, I had to overcome some issues with my eye. But other than that and one broken bone, I have a pretty clean slate. I am hoping to continue with good health far into my 80s or 90s. I know it will require a little more working out and eating better, but I am hoping Delainey will be a good influence on me.

On Wednesday, we really didn't get to celebrate Halloween because we were traveling in the car to North Carolina. It was Delainey's first Halloween though so I had to at least dress her up for a little while. I dressed her up and took her to San Juan to show off her cute outfit. Here are the pics I got of the most precious strawberry in the entire world!

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