Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful 30 - Day 15 & 28 Weeks

I am thankful for Girls Night out! I  love being home with D, but it is nice to occasionally get together with the girls and have some adult interaction. Tonight we had our supper club at Jessica's house. The theme was Breakfast for Dinner, and it was delicious! We all dressed up in our pajama's which was nice not having to get ready! I look forward to it every month and can't wait for December bc it is also going to be our Girl's Booze & Panty party! I'll explain more later!

Delainey is 28 Weeks! We are so close to crawling, but nothing yet. I am hoping it happens within the next week or 2. This week she has had avocado which she LOVES, and finished off the squash. She does not like oatmeal for some reason though. So every morning we have rice cereal for breakfast, a Mum (like a rice cake) for our snack, and avocado for dinner. Tonight we are moving on to sweet potatoes! She has been drinking water really well out of her sippy cup. I think I need to get her to drink more though because it seems like she is alittle constipated with all this new food. Boy have we been going through some diapers. I actually prefer these poops though because it doesn't explode all over, it's just a little nugget. haha Enough about her bowel movements! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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