Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rice Cereal & Cake Pops!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I feel like we have not stopped going all weekend until about an hour ago. I just finished cleaning the house and doing some laundry so I am going to catch up on a few blog posts I've been meaning to do.

Monday & Tuesday were big days in the McLaughlin household. On Monday, Delainey got to try rice cereal for the first time! She did great and seemed to really enjoy it. We have given it to her a few times this week and made it a little thicker each time which seems to work better. I know my pediatrician said wait till she is 6 months old but I was just too excited to hold out and I could tell she was ready. I am thinking we will do rice cereal for the next week or so then try some actual food like sweet potatoes or avocado. Here is a video of her eating it for the first time!

Tuesday, we went to gymnastics then ran a few errands and hit up the grocery store. Since D has been sitting up pretty well on her own we decided to try her out in the cart like a big girl. It was so cute; we had a little photoshoot in Publix! I definitely need to bring some toys to keep her occupied and occasioinally she will fall to the sides, but other than that she loved looking around!

Tuesday night, I went to a girlfriends house for my second cake pop class. This time we learned how to decorate the cake pops. We were inspired to make Halloween themed pops since it is right around the corner. It actually is much easier than you would think. you just have to get creative with the candies you can use. For example I used tic-tacs for my ghosts arms, and upside down heart candies for the cats ears. I am pretty much a professional now so if anyone needs help I'd be glad to help.

After the cake pop class, I came home to Dave and Delainey playing on the couch. He found out she is ticklish on her lower back of her sides and was torturing the poor girl. She didn't know whether to laugh or scream; it was so funny! I'll post the video clip in the next post!

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